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New NextRide Banner
New NextRide text number begins on July 1
2017 Clean Air Campaign Nomination
Nominate your Champion for Clean Air by August 25th, 2017
Dial-a-Ride Service changes begin July 1
Dial-a-Ride service changes begin July 1
Shop On Banner Summer 2017
Support local businesses while Valley Metro expands.
Artsline Rotating Image
Valley Metro Artsline Rotating Art Series
Safe Place 2016 Banner
All Valley Metro buses and light rail stations are safe place for teens in crisis.
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Boards of Directors

Meeting information for the Boards guiding the future of transit in the Valley.

Commute Solutions

Learn about Trip Reduction Programs and solutions to your drive-alone commute.

Bike Share

Meet your new transit link.


What to do if you can't take the bus due to a disability.

Other Travel Options

Additional transportation options in the East Valley.