Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area


Project Details

Region:West Valley
Type:Extensions/New Service


Terry Gruver
Community Outreach Coordinator

West Phoenix / Central Glendale

West Phoenix / Central Glendale


At its workshop session on October 17, 2017, a majority of the Glendale City Councilmembers provided direction to the City Manager to stop further planning and studying of the West Phoenix/Central Glendale Transit Corridor Study. To formalize that decision, the Glendale City Council may include this issue on a formal council meeting agenda. We respect the decision made by the Glendale City Council to suspend the West Phoenix/Central Glendale high capacity transit system and focus on other areas of transit and transportation. Valley Metro will continue to work with its city partners in Glendale and Phoenix to discuss next steps and transit options that best fit the needs and future demand for travel in the West Valley.

Next Steps

Valley Metro will reassess the end-of-line for the project and continue to refine the areas of additional study and identify station locations and traffic configuration. Public outreach will continue throughout the process.


In 2013, Valley Metro initiated a transit corridor study for the West Phoenix/Central Glendale area to identify high-capacity transit service options to connect downtown Glendale to the existing light rail system. Valley Metro has completed three levels of technical analysis, which included the evaluation of population densities, employment and activity centers, ridership potential, potential right-of-way and traffic impacts, economic development potential and cost. Public input was collected throughout the study process.

Project Partners