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Man using crutches exiting a paratransit vehicle

The rest of this Ride Guide explains ADA Paratransit service in the Phoenix metropolitan area. This includes information about who is eligible, where and when the service is provided, the cost of the service, how to use the service and other important service policies.

What Is ADA Paratransit Service?

ADA Paratransit is shared-ride, door-to-door or curb-to-curb transportation (provided in vans and/or taxicabs) that is provided to people with disabilities who are unable, or have limited ability because of their disability, to use fixed-route buses or trains. All public transit agencies that provide fixed-route bus and rail service are required by the ADA to provide this service. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, this service was previously known as Dial-a-Ride. Two types of ADA Paratransit service are provided:

Local ADA Paratransit Service

This service is provided by Valley Metro, as well as three community Dial-a-Ride programs, including Phoenix Dial-a-Ride, Glendale Dial-a-Ride and Peoria Dial-a-Ride. Service is provided for trips that begin and end in seven areas as follows:

  • East Valley: Provided by Valley Metro Paratransit
  • Glendale: Provided by Glendale Dial-a-Ride
  • Northwest Valley: Provided by Valley Metro Paratransit
  • Paradise Valley: Provided by Phoenix Dial-a-Ride
  • Peoria: Provided by Peoria Dial-a-Ride
  • Phoenix: Provided by Phoenix Dial-a-Ride
  • Southwest Valley: Provided by Phoenix Dial-a-Ride

The “Where is ADA Paratransit Service Provided?” section of this guide provides more detailed information on the areas within each community where service is provided. For travel within each of these areas, call the appropriate local service provider. Note, several of the Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride providers offer other types of service as well (called non-ADA paratransit service). Information on other types of services provided by each Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride program is provided in the “Other Service Options” section at the end of this guide as well as at

Please note, Phoenix Dial-a-Ride operates service within and between Phoenix, Paradise Valley and the Southwest Valley as a single local service.

Image of a woman exiting a paratransit vehicle

Regional ADA Paratransit Service

Valley Metro provides regional ADA Paratransit service for travel between the local service areas. Examples of regional trips include: a trip between the coordinated Phoenix/Paradise Valley/Southwest Valley area to other areas; a trip between the East Valley and Glendale or Peoria; a trip between the East Valley and the Northwest Valley; a trip between Glendale or Peoria and the Northwest Valley.