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Effective July 1, 2009

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METRO light rail and Valley Metro bus share the same fare system.

Local Full Fare1-Ride$1.75
-All-day pass$3.50
-All-day pass
(on-board bus)
-31-day pass$55.00
Local Reduced Fare*1-Ride$0.85
-All-day pass$1.75
-All-day pass
(on-board bus)
-7-day pass$8.75
-31-day pass$27.50
Express Bus/RAPID Fare1-Ride$2.75
-All-day pass$5.50
-All-day pass
(on-board bus)
-31-day pass$85.00
Semester PassSpring, Fall$195.00
-Spring, Fall (Reduced)$97.50
-Summer (Reduced)$62.50
ASU U-Pass**-Students $80 per academic year
$25 per summer /
Employees $390 annually (local)
$520 annually (express)
Platinum Pass Program
Billed per boarding at the 1-ride local, light rail or Express/RAPID fare; with a maximum monthly payment of $55 for local bus/light rail or $85 for Express Bus/RAPID (The Platinum Pass Program is available only from participating employers.)
Homeless Provider Service ProgramDiscounts available only to qualifying homeless service providers
Field Trip PassFor eligible elementary groupsFree
Valley Metro’s School Outreach Program includes free classroom presentations about the Valley Metro transit system and field trips using local bus, light rail and LINK service.
Tempe Youth Transit Pass***-Free

*Local Reduced Fares are available to: youths (ages 6 through18), seniors (age 65 and older) and persons with a disability and Medicare card holders. Must have valid proof of eligibility to use reduced fares.
**ASU U-Passes are subsidized by ASU Parking and Transit Services, a self-funded auxiliary unit of the university.
***Tempe Youth Transit Pass is paid for by the City of Tempe.

  • 1-Ride – On the bus, for a one way ride, pay the exact fare in cash at the farebox. No receipt will be issued. The farebox requires exact change for each transaction in $1, $2 and $5 bills and all forms of U.S. coins (except 50 cent pieces) in good condition.
    On light rail, a one way ride is purchased at a fare vending machine located at any light rail station. A receipt will be issued. Keep your receipt for proof of payment.
  • All-day pass - Use an All-day pass to transfer from bus to bus or from bus to rail and back again. Passes purchased in advance need to be activated when first used. Passes purchased on board the bus are automatically activated. Passes used on the light rail must be activated prior to boarding.
  • 3-, 7- and 31-day passes - Your multiple-day pass is valid for 7 or 31 consecutive days after activation.

No Refunds: Valley Metro cannot offer refunds for lost or unused portions of any fare type.

Free Fares: Children 5 and under are not charged a fare for local or express/RAPID bus service or light rail when accompanied by a responsible, fare-paying person. Free fares do not apply to Dial-a-Ride service.

The Automatic Mail Plan

Valley Metro’s Automatic Mail Plan is a convenient way for you to receive All-day or 31-day passes in the mail each month and automatically charge your credit card or pay by check. Once you are signed up for the program, your pass is mailed to you by the end of each month. Remember, the Valley Metro 31-day pass is activated the first time you use it on the bus/light rail and is good for the following 31 days.

How Can I Sign Up?
It’s easy to sign up for the Valley Metro Automatic Mail Plan. Just complete the Application Form and fax or mail it back with your deposit (credit card number, check or money order). If you pay by check or money order, you will receive an invoice when your pass is sent in the mail at the end of the month. Your payment is due by the 16th of the month.

If you have any questions concerning the Automatic Mail Program, call customer service at (602) 495-5795, TTY (602) 251-2039 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Local Reduced Fares

Reduced fares on local bus routes and light rail are available to youths ages 6 through18, seniors age 65 or older, persons with a disability, and Medicare card holders. Passengers must have valid proof of eligibility to use reduced fares.

Proof of Eligibility:

  • Persons with a disability: Valley Metro Reduced-Fare ID card
  • Seniors age 65 or older: Valley Metro Reduced-Fare ID card, Driver’s License or State ID card
  • Youths ages 6 through 18: Valley Metro Reduced–Fare ID card, Driver’s License, State ID card or high school Student ID with photo and current school year
  • Medicare cardholder: Upon request, proof of identity must be shown.

How to Obtain a Valley Metro Reduced-Fare ID:
Download the REDUCED FARE APPLICATION [15K PDF] for Seniors, Youths, and Persons with Disabilities. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you may download it free from Adobe’s website.

Take the completed form and the $2.50 fee to a Valley Metro Reduced Fare Photo ID Permanent Photo Site.
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Semester Passes

Semester Passes can be purchased by full-time students enrolled in technical, trade, college, or graduate courses at participating schools. The passes are good for unlimited rides on local routes and light rail for the time period printed on the pass. Additional fares are required for express/RAPID routes. Check with your school to find out if it participates in the Semester Pass program.

Tempe Youth Transit Passes

Students ages 6 through18 who live in Tempe are eligible for a free Valley-wide transit pass. Applicants must provide proof of age and Tempe residency. In order to get the free pass, youth ages 6 through 17 must bring a parent or guardian to the Tempe Transit Store, 200 E. Fifth St. (NW Corner Fifth St. & Forest) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to sign a permission form. Visit for a registration form and eligibility list.

ASU U-Passes

ASU students and employees are eligible to receive a Valley-wide bus and light rail pass at deeply discounted rates. Students, faculty and staff may obtain their U-Pass from any ASU campus Permit Sales office. For more information, visit ASU’s WEBSITE or contact ASU at (480) 965-1072.

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