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Rideshare Month

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Celebrate Rideshare Month

October 1 - October 31

Commuters across the Valley celebrate Rideshare Month and leave their car at home to ride transit, carpool or vanpool, work from home, bike or walk.

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When you carpool, ride the bus or light rail, walk to work, ride your bike to the office or even take advantage of your employer’s telework or compressed work week options, you are contributing to an important Valley wide objective: cleaner air.  Not only do you save money and ease traffic congestion by using alternative modes, you help to reduce the estimated 770 tons of carbon monoxide and 3,000 tons of particulates released in Valley skies every day. 

Get involved to make a difference!

1.  Thanks to all who participated in the event on Friday, September 27 at CityScape in downtown Phoenix , and pledged to use an alternative mode during Rideshare Month. The atmosphere and attendees, complete with great music, furry friends and prizes made it a huge success!  Click here to see a video of the highlights.

2.  The Rideshare Month Employer Challenge took place October 6-12. Participating TRP companies competed against other TRP companies and encouraged their employees to get involved. Winning companies can win prizes and a special plaque, which proclaims them the Employer Challenge Champion in their size group 3.  During the entire month of October, anyone that tracks their commute and uses alternative modes will earn points which allow them to enter and win great prizes. Go to and register today. You’ll soon be on your way to earning points and entering to win great prizes!