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Rideshare Month

Celebrate Rideshare Month

October 1 - October 31

Commuters across the Valley are celebrating Rideshare Month by leaving their car at home to carpool, vanpool, ride the bus or light rail, work from home, bike or walk.

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The average drive-alone commuter spends nearly 40 hours in traffic congestion a year and emits nearly 110 pounds of pollution. Reduce stress and capture “me” time by saying goodbye to congestion and hello to a lower-cost, easier commute. Learn about your options and benefits at

Get Involved

  1. Starting Monday, August 17, sign the pledge to drive less during Rideshare Month, October 1-31 2015 at

  2. Participate in the Rideshare Month Commuter Challenge from October 1-31. Learn more at; select Commuter Challenge. All challenge participants can earn coupons for a free Big Bite hot dog or Big Gulp courtesy of 7-Eleven.

  3. During the entire month of October, register on, track commute trips, earn points and enter win great prizes. Go to and register today.