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Valley Bike Month

Visit in February 2018 for information
on Valley Bike Month 2018.

In 2017, thousands of Valley residents celebrated Valley Bike Month and bicycling as a safe, inexpensive, sustainable and fun method of travel. Valley Bike Month 2017 results include:

  • Valley Bike Month artwork by local artist Scott Biersack used for all promotional efforts
  • 8,166,690 estimated impressions
  • 12 stories reached an estimated audience of 3,939,490 with an estimated ad value of $5,973
  • 28 events hosted by cities, towns, Travel Reduction Program employers and organizations working with Valley Metro; an estimated 13,977 attended
  • 170 took the pledge to ride during Valley Bike Month; 72 were new to
  • 266 participants in the Team Challenge logged 6,830 trips and saved 38,490 miles
  • 855 contest entries
  • 1,463 new ShareTheRide users in March and April
  • 61,940 alternative mode commute trips logged in April
  • Approximately 240 tons of pollution saved, equivalent to approximately 46 passenger vehicles driven for one year, or energy used by 23 homes for an entire year