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Platinum Pass Program

Benefits For Employers and Employees

Valley Metro’s Platinum Pass Program provides a solution to your company’s commuting issues, offering many benefits for employers, employees and our valley:

  • Pay-per Ride: Employer is only charged for actual number of rides up to a maximum of $64 per month per rider for local bus and light rail and up to a maximum of $104 per month per rider for Express/RAPID bus.
  • The Platinum Pass Program is typically a three-year agreement and all cards issued under the agreement expire at the end of the three-year period.
  • Cards can be deactivated if lost or stolen.
  • Extra cards can be ordered and used immediately upon receipt.
  • One Stop Accounting: Employer receives one monthly invoice for total charges on all cards being used
  • A detailed billing summary is available that shows the day, time and route for each boarding for an additional $25 per month.

Platinum Pass and the Trip Reduction Program

All employers with 50 or more employees at a single worksite are required to participate in the Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program (TRP). The Platinum Pass Program can help meet those TRP requirements. And that is just one of the ways you can make Platinum Pass work for you. Employers may subsidize all or part of their employees’ monthly program charges, turning it into a powerful retention tool and promoting employee satisfaction and performance.

How to Open an Account

Signing up is simple. Effective July 2011, your company or organization must have a minimum of five current active transit riders in order to apply. Once your company is approved, you must purchase an initial supply of 20 Platinum Pass “smart cards” at $1.50 each. The cards are imprinted with your company/organization name and a unique serial number for tracking. Platinum Pass cards are valid for up to three years.

Want to hear more about how the Platinum Pass Program can work for your company? Please contact Jeff Reid at Valley Metro at: 602-523-6074 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Remember: Platinum Pass and ASU U-Pass users
To ensure that your ride is registered and your pass is validated:

  • Place the card directly on the orange target.
  • Hold for two seconds.
  • Wait for the confirmation ding or the yellow light before removing your card.

The fare is recorded and the card is automatically charged. Card values range up to $64 per month per card on local bus/light rail and $104 per card per month on Express/RAPID bus routes or on a combination of local bus/light rail and Express/RAPID bus routes.