How To Use The Spring-Arm Bus Bike Racks:

As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to go. That means removing water bottles, pumps and other loose items that might fall off.

Make sure the bus has stopped and the driver sees you before you step in front of the bus. Tell the bus driver you’re going to use the bike rack.

Each rack is located at the front of the bus and accommodates up to two or three bicycles (depending on the type of rack).

Grab the lock handle and squeeze, unlocking the rack from the upright position.

Lower the rack to the carrying position.

Lift your bike onto the rack and into the proper slots, which are clearly labeled for the front and rear wheels.

Raise the rack’s support arm over the front tire. A spring will pull the arm back to securely latch your bike. The bike is now secured for travel.

Tip: don’t leave anything on the bike that might blow off in the wind, or bounce off when the bus hits a bump.