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A growing number of commuters in Maricopa County is saving money, time and the environment by sharing the ride. Learn how you can make better use of your valuable commute time with ShareTheRide.


Super Bowl, Super Excitement!

It’s an exciting time as the Valley becomes the epicenter of entertainment. Super Bowl XLIX is coming to Arizona on February 1, 2015, and with it, a host of once-in-a-lifetime events. Want to experience the action or simply get to and from work without hassle? Valley Metro is here to help you!


C’mon baby light my fire…unless it’s an HPA day

Fire. It’s been around since the Early Stone Age. Ancient civilizations used fire for light, heat, cooking, making tools and keeping predator animals away. Fire was a fundamental and critical element of survival.

Today, we are learning more about the consequences of that ancient necessity as we burn wood just for the sake of ambiance. While there’s nothing more quixotic than a toasty, crackling fire in a fireplace, the side effects can wreak havoc on our lungs.

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