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Inside the Ride

Hey day-trippers: get up, get out and enjoy the Valley’s coolest destinations


Discover the gems along Valley Metro Rail. From museums to bars, there is a summer destination that will definitely suit your style.


How Cool! One-of-a-kind partnership to keep rail riders from feeling the heat

Read how Valley Metro Rail maintenance technicians are learning new ways keep riders cool during the summer, and why techs says they have some of coolest jobs at Valley Metro.


Careers in Transit

When you think about jobs in public transportation, bus operators are probably the first thing that come to mind, right?

Well, it takes a bunch of awesome people like these to move 250,000 riders a day in metro Phoenix, and even more visionaries to help plan what our transit system will look like years from now. In fact, more than 400 employees at Valley Metro dedicate their time and talents to moving people, building the community and driving the economy.

May 18 is National Public Transportation Career Day. A day to designed to introduce students of all ages to careers in public transit. In honor of the day, we’d like to introduce you to members of the Valley Metro family who are making a difference today and those who are the future of transportation.

Inside The Ride

Inside the Ride is a new monthly blog published by Valley Metro that gives readers an inside look at transit topics that are important to Valley riders.