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Inside the Ride

Fall Into a New Commute Pattern


What is it like to share the ride? Cruise in the HOV lane with two Valley Metro carpool buddies in this month’s Inside the Ride.


Why I Ride Valley Metro

Hello, my name is Alexis Kuhbander. This fall I started my final semester at Arizona State University and I am happy to say that I’ve used Valley Metro services since my first day as a Sun Devil! I want to share with you and other college students what my commute is like and how I’ve benefited from using public transportation by taking you “inside my ride.”

How does Valley Metro provide safety to light rail riders?

As a summer intern at Valley Metro, here’s what I learned about Valley Metro Rail Security Officers and their role in keeping riders safe.

Inside The Ride

Inside the Ride is a new monthly blog published by Valley Metro that gives readers an inside look at transit topics that are important to Valley riders.