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Inside the Ride

Honoring Our Heroes


Valley Metro is honored to have dozens of employees and service providers who are U.S. veterans. In this special edition of Inside the Ride, we salute our veterans for their service to our country and our riders.

Fall Into a New Commute Pattern


What is it like to share the ride? Cruise in the HOV lane with two Valley Metro carpool buddies in this month’s Inside the Ride.

Why I Ride Valley Metro


Hello, my name is Alexis Kuhbander. This fall I started my final semester at Arizona State University and I am happy to say that I’ve used Valley Metro services since my first day as a Sun Devil! I want to share with you and other college students what my commute is like and how I’ve benefited from using public transportation by taking you “inside my ride.”

How does Valley Metro provide safety to light rail riders?

As a summer intern at Valley Metro, here’s what I learned about Valley Metro Rail Security Officers and their role in keeping riders safe.

Hey day-trippers: get up, get out and enjoy the Valley’s coolest destinations


Discover the gems along Valley Metro Rail. From museums to bars, there is a summer destination that will definitely suit your style.

How Cool! One-of-a-kind partnership to keep rail riders from feeling the heat


Read how Valley Metro Rail maintenance technicians are learning new ways keep riders cool during the summer, and why techs says they have some of coolest jobs at Valley Metro.

Careers in Transit


When you think about jobs in public transportation, bus operators are probably the first thing that come to mind, right?

Well, it takes a bunch of awesome people like these to move 250,000 riders a day in metro Phoenix, and even more visionaries to help plan what our transit system will look like years from now. In fact, more than 400 employees at Valley Metro dedicate their time and talents to moving people, building the community and driving the economy.

May 18 is National Public Transportation Career Day. A day to designed to introduce students of all ages to careers in public transit. In honor of the day, we’d like to introduce you to members of the Valley Metro family who are making a difference today and those who are the future of transportation.

Colorful Connections


Overcoming a fear of heights, living near Phoenix’s ‘elbow,’ and advice for aspiring artists are illustrated this month’s blog.

In the Driver’s Seat


Transit drivers don’t have an easy job, they just make it look that way. Meet some of the men and women who love getting you where you need to go – safely.

Welcome to 19NORTH


One community is uniting to turn a common vision into a reality. How Valley Metro Rail jump started the motivation for this movement.

Intersections: Art on the Light Rail


Local artists act out on light rail. The moral of this story? A unique, and sometimes unexpected, ride for audience members.

Shop the world in your own backyard


Learn how an urban transit lot is transforming into a global gift shop in the hopes of making a world of difference.

A Salute to Service


This Veterans Day, we recognize veterans who continue to serve our community through transit.

Historic bus service improvements to benefit riders


How a new era in bus service aims to improve the quality of life for thousands of bus riders.

On the Line


Customer Service expands its hours in October. The question most often answered by reps and why they can relate to riders.

Light Rail Love Story


More than 44,000 people ride light rail every weekday. So was it destiny that brought two people together on one train ride? Find out why they say what happened is meant to be.

3 takeaways from a record-setting week on rail


Triple digit temps, cool cocktails and a rail rodeo bring international attention to the Valley.

Community solutions help ease travel for disabled riders


You don’t see it, but it exists: a virtual wall keeps people from reaching their destinations. Now, the community comes together to break down these barriers.

Fresh Express


“Work is no longer a job when you have fun.” A refreshing perspective from the operator behind the wheel of the Fresh Express bus.

Pedal Power


Go along for a ride with three bicyclists who explain how you can get a lot of mileage out of two wheels.

New on 19th Avenue


19th Avenue is more than a busy street in Phoenix. It’s home to families, workers and business owners. How light rail is enhancing this community and providing new connections.

Comedy in Transit: Why this Last Comic Standing comedian plugs transit


What does Last Comic Standing have to do with riding bus, light rail or Dial-a-Ride? All transit agencies work to provide accessibility for every passenger. It’s a topic we take seriously. But one comedian is using laughter to get to the heart of the matter.

Again, the spotlight shines on Arizona


Here’s some game-winning transit moves to successfully kick-off the College Football Playoff.

Valley Metro Rail connects teens with life-changing help


Rail stations vital in offering a safe place for teens that have nowhere to turn.

Make your commute a treat, not a trick


Two commuters reveal the unique ways ridesharing changed their everyday travel and lives.

Evolve Your Commute


Tired of sitting in traffic? Get back more of your valuable time.

Discovering Mesa


New things to see and places to go are just a train ride away.

Essential Jobs in Extreme Heat


Learn about some of the crews who play a critical role in bus and light rail service and maintenance even during record-setting heat.

Keeping your cool during the sizzling summer heat


For anyone who’s spent any time during the summer in the Valley of the Sun, they know the desert can be brutal. Learn what Valley Metro does to keep you as comfortable as possible in the triple digit heat.

Then and now: Students reflect transit experience in art


The definition of transit is to pass from one place to another. For a 15-year-old Valley student, transit means a connection to the future. Yet, this story has strong ties to the past.

The season for change…            service changes, that is.


Changes come to Valley Metro bus routes twice a year. Find out why, how it impacts you and how you can make a difference.

View from behind the wheel


On the roads 365 days a year. Why operating a bus or train shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Introducing Ridekick®: my new sidekick for bus and light rail


My name is Ann and I have a confession to make. Like many other working adults living in a two-car household, I had never tried to ride the bus or light rail in the Valley.  Until recently.  Then I heard about Ridekick™.

Sharing the Ride


A growing number of commuters in Maricopa County are saving money, time and the environment by sharing the ride. Learn how you can make better use of your valuable commute time with ShareTheRide.

Super Bowl, Super Excitement!


It’s an exciting time as the Valley becomes the epicenter of entertainment. Super Bowl XLIX is coming to Arizona on February 1, 2015, and with it, a host of once-in-a-lifetime events. Want to experience the action or simply get to and from work without hassle? Valley Metro is here to help you!

C’mon baby light my fire…unless it’s an HPA day


Fire. It’s been around since the Early Stone Age. Ancient civilizations used fire for light, heat, cooking, making tools and keeping predator animals away. Fire was a fundamental and critical element of survival.

Today, we are learning more about the consequences of that ancient necessity as we burn wood just for the sake of ambiance. While there’s nothing more quixotic than a toasty, crackling fire in a fireplace, the side effects can wreak havoc on our lungs.

Guardian Angel Campaign Urges Safety Around Transit


We all do it, a countless little thing that seems so harmless. 

Returning just one more text while walking down the street. Listening with our ear buds while we cross the light rail tracks to save a few feet. Running alongside a bus to get the operator’s attention. After all, we’re busy. Or we’re late for the staff meeting, late for our shift again, late for class again.

Discover the places where art and transit meet


Art allows us to cross divides, find common ground and build bridges. It delivers joy yet offers solitude. It’s very personal but can be displayed publicly for all to enjoy. The integration of art into transit is intentional yet unexpected.  Naturally, art can be found in the most typical places: galleries, museums and corporate lobbies. But why is art incorporated into transit facilities such as bus stops and rail stations?

Why Transit Makes Sense When Heading Back to Class


Everything you need to know about transit as the school year begins plus recommendations on hot spots along the light rail line.

A Day in the Life of Your Bus Operator and Reasons a Bus is Late


Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on behind the wheel of the bus.

Three Rider Stories to Help You Keep Your Cool this Summer


These three incredible rider stories will inspire you to say hello to the person sitting next to you, despite any (understandable) grumpiness caused by the triple digit heat.

Bicycling Reality Trip: Reasons to Ride & How to Ride Right


Get a unique perspective from two talented riders on why bicycling is their preferred method of travel and learn what it will take for the Valley to become a truly bike-friendly community.

Inside The Ride

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