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Light Rail Love Story

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Susan Leong and Ed Hilmes do.

Their eyes caught each other while riding light rail and they haven’t looked back since.

Susan and Ed’s chance meeting occurred on the morning of Friday, January 30, 2015, the Friday before Super Bowl XLIX was played here in the Valley.

On that day, Susan chose to ride light rail to work to avoid traffic congestion. Ed got on the light rail to explore the events in downtown Phoenix. In all, more than 78,000 people rode light rail that day. What are the odds they would “bump” into each other?

The couple describes what happened on that fateful Friday morning when train 137A pulled into the station at 3rd Street and Washington in downtown Phoenix.

The next day, Susan and Ed went on their first date: lunch at what would become one of their favorite spots, Breakfast Club at CityScape. They learned they share common interests. Among them, biking, walking and riding light rail to explore downtown Tempe and downtown Phoenix, where Ed says weekends are their playground.

Fast forward to April 12, 2016 and many light rail rides later. Ed proposed to Susan. Where? The 3rd Street and Washington platform, of course.

Now, Ed and Susan are planning their wedding for May 2017 at a spot just a few blocks off the light rail line on Central. For their Save the Date cards, they asked if they could capture a photo where their love story began.

During the photo shoot, it was evident how happy and how much in love this couple truly is.

They were constantly smiling from ear to ear.

They held hands the whole time.

They agreed it’s the little things that make a difference in their life together.

Ed said, “Each morning, we give each other a hug. We do little things for each other all the time.”

Susan quickly added, “We text each other a million times a day.”

Just by spending a few minutes with this joy-filled couple, you get the feeling it’s meant to be. And they love telling people how they met on light rail.

Two people, one love story. Proof you never know who you’ll meet in transit.

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