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Suzanne KlausnerSuzanne Klausner is making a difference one bus ride, one car pool ride and one work day at a time. The Instructional Design Team Manager at WorldatWork in Scottsdale is dedicated to creating a better environment by using alternative forms of transportation.

“I think it helps reduce congestion and carbon emissions, and helps the environment,” she says.

Klausner telecommutes up to two times a week along with riding the bus and carpooling with her husband. She learned about the difference she can make through her organization’s commitment to

She says, “It’s a good way to see the impact you have when you use alternative forms of transportation.”

Klausner is one of the growing number of commuters in Maricopa County who are saving money, time and the environment by sharing the ride.

ShareTheRide offers alternative ways to driving alone such as walking, biking, riding the bus, telecommuting, carpooling or vanpooling. In 2014, reached 30,000 active users.

“It is an indicator of the increased desire to travel more efficiently by sharing the ride,” said Dawn M. Coomer, Commute Solutions Manager, Valley Metro. “It can be fun and make better use of valuable commute time. Participants can also log their commutes, earn points, enter contests and win prizes.”

ShareTheRide features a ride matching system that allows commuters to quickly and securely find a commute partner in the Valley. Commuters are matched based on proximity, destination and travel route, as well as schedules and preferences. You can use ShareTheRide to find a carpool partner or even a bike buddy.

Coomer advises, “Maybe you want to try biking or transit but are unsure of how to go about it. We have people who will bike or ride with you. That’s a cool feature because sometimes people are scared to take the first step.”

Valley Metro BusKlausner took the first step by registering on ShareTheRide more than two years ago. In 2014, she was named Bus Commuter of the Year at WorldatWork. She encourages others to seek out a commute solution and track their progress on

She says, “I do think it’s interesting to see the carbon footprint of one person. Even if it’s not an everyday change to the driving pattern, it’s still interesting to see the impact it can have. “

ShareTheRide also makes an impact by matching commuters interested in vanpooling. Valley Metro’s vanpool program is one of the largest in the country, saving riders about 200,000 gallons of fuel a month. In 2014, the program had a total of 400 vans in operation with potential record growth in 2015. Anyone can form a vanpool with 6-15 passengers who then share the cost for fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance.

According to ShareTheRide, users logged nearly 12 million commute miles last year, saving about $1.3 million in commute costs and more than 7.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

For Klausner, using alternative modes of transportation extends beyond the environment. It is also personal. “For me, riding the bus is less stressful. I can get work done or do something for myself like listen to a podcast or read.”

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