Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Our Futures Are All Connected
Whether you’re an employee who uses transit for their daily commute or the single-occupancy commuter who has never even tried to carpool in the HOV lane. If you’re the retiree who uses the bus to meet up with his friends or a student trying to make it to your next class. We are all connected.

The future of transit in the Valley is the future of the entire Valley itself. Valley Metro connects us to a shared vision of growth and revitalization for the region we live in, work in and call home. Find out more by watching the following video.

Everybody Benefits From Public Transportation

Every $1 invested in transit creates $7 in economic returns
Valley Metro

For every $100 million invested in transit, 3,600 jobs are created and/or supported
American Public Transportation Association

Commuting one day a week by transit saves approximately 23 pounds of carbon emissions a week
American Public Transportation Association

The average household can save $9,122 by switching to public transportation
Arizona Public Interest Research Group