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Valley Metro Paratransit Service

On July 1, 2017, Valley Metro will have a new service provider for Dial-a-Ride services operating in the East Valley, Northwest Valley and for regional Paratransit service. With this new service provider, Transdev, changes will include:

  • A New Name: Beginning July 1, all Dial-a-Ride services operating in the East Valley, in the Northwest Valley and regional Paratransit will operate under the new name: Valley Metro Paratransit.
  • A Single Phone Number for All Services: Beginning July 1, you can request a trip, check on an existing trip, or make changes to your service by calling one number. Whether you are traveling in the East Valley, in the Northwest Valley or across the region, you can reach Valley Metro Paratransit by calling (602) 716-2200 or via TTY at (602) 716-2118.
  • A New Fleet: The new Valley Metro Paratransit provider, Transdev, will operate a fleet of brand-new accessible vans and minivans. All vehicles will include Valley Metro Paratransit signage and colors.

    Image of new paratransit vehicle
  • Image of driver assisting couple sitting on vehicleProfessional and Courteous Drivers: Valley Metro Paratransit drivers will be employees of Transdev, wear an identification badge and the uniform pictured to the right.  Before driving for Valley Metro Paratransit, each driver must undergo an extensive driving and criminal background check, must undergo more than 80 hours of training that includes passenger awareness and sensitivity, and must pass a pre-employment drug screen and numerous driving checks.
  • New Taxi Partner: To ensure that there is always room to accommodate your trip, Transdev has partnered with AAA Transportation (also known as Yellow Cab) to provide service during early mornings, late evenings, on weekends and at other times when demand is high. AAA Transportation will operate sedans as well as accessible vans, and AAA Transportation drivers must meet the same minimum standards as Transdev drivers.
  • Coming Soon! – New Technology: Over the next several months, Valley Metro Paratransit will be introducing new tools to help you manage your service by phone, online and using your smart phone. Features will include the ability to book trips, to check on and cancel trips, and to be notified of the vehicle’s arrival. Watch for announcements about these exciting new services.
  • A New Ride Guide: With all of these exciting changes, Valley Metro has published a new Valley Metro ADA Paratransit Ride Guide. Ride Guides were mailed to most customers in June. If you would like a copy, you may download a Ride Guide in English or Spanish, regular font or large font, or by contacting Valley Metro at (602) 716-2100 or via TTY at
    (602) 716-2118 or by email at

Valley Metro RideChoice is Bigger and Better than Ever!

Valley Metro RideChoice offers deeply discounted taxi service for qualified residents of Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and now Surprise, and the program is growing and getting even better.

Beginning July 1, RideChoice customers can look forward to the following program enhancements:

  • Qualified Chandler residents can receive up to $240 of taxi service per month at 75 percent off the standard price.
  • Qualified residents of Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe can receive up to 16 one-way taxi trips per month, plus more for work or medical services. The fare for each trip is $3; the customer is responsible for any cost above $18 on the meter.
  • RideChoice is coming to Surprise.  Qualified residents of Surprise can receive up to 16 one-way taxi trips per month, plus more for work or medical services. The fare for each trip is $3; the customer is responsible for any cost above $21 on the meter.
  • No more checks! Customers are now able to review their RideChoice balance and add funds to their RideChoice accounts by phone or online. Just call the number on the back of your RideChoice card for details.

To be eligible for RideChoice, you must reside in a participating community, and you must either be 65 years of age or more, or you must be eligible to receive ADA paratransit service. For more information about Valley Metro RideChoice, call (602) 716-2100 or via TTY at (602) 716-2118.

The ADA Platinum Pass is Going Valleywide!

As of July 1, all Valley communities are participants in the ADA Platinum Pass program. If you are certified as eligible for ADA paratransit, you are eligible to receive an ADA Platinum Pass which allows you to ride Valley Metro bus and light rail service at no charge. For more information about the ADA Platinum Pass program, call (602) 716-2100 or via TTY at (602) 716-2118.