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Hundreds of thousands of people ride Valley Metro every day and each rider has their own story. We would like to share some stories that make us proud to serve you and inspire us to provide you the best transit experience possible.


TheresaTherese and her husband Rod like to attend ball games and concerts in downtown Phoenix and Tempe.  Valley Metro makes it easy for them, taking the hassle and cost of parking out of the equation.  The train stops on Mill Avenue and next to Sun Devil Stadium, while also providing quick access to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival at its new home at Hance Park.  They also like the fact that with tickets for events at US Airways Center, riding the rail that day is free.


janetJanet chose to live in an area close to transit. Her house is a short quarter-mile walk to the light rail station and she rides transit every day. She is able to read, listen to music and decompress after a long work day. Her car is over 5 years old and has less than 35,000 miles on it because she made the choice to ride Valley Metro on a daily basis. She even takes light rail to sporting events on the weekends. She wouldn’t change her daily commute for anything.


joseJose is a student at the ASU downtown campus. He rides light rail to his classes and enjoys the many benefits it gives him. Light rail keeps him cool in the sweltering Arizona heat and he can relax, study or listen to music while he rides. For his birthday, his parents gave him Sun Devils football tickets, so he rode Valley Metro Rail to the game and loved not having to worry about driving or parking. Jose also likes riding light rail because his expenses are limited and transit is consistent and affordable.


kenKen lives in Mesa. He rode the Express bus for three years before deciding to try out light rail when it opened in 2008. One ride and he was hooked. Ken decided to move closer to Sycamore station for the amenities in the area and to ride light rail to and from work. Ken likes light rail because of the shorter travel time and less hassles with traffic and parking. He also uses it for fun trips, like attending movies and events around town.


Barbara drove herself everywhere until she started having issues with her vision. About 10 years ago, Barbara was diagnosed with macular degeneration and told she would no longer be able to drive. Even though her family and friends were willing to drive her around, she wanted to find a form of transportation that would allow her to be independent. Her doctor recommended Dial-a-Ride. This alternative mode of transportation allows her to get to places that the bus and rail don’t connect to. It’s an easy way for her to get to appointments, shopping or other fun destinations. Dial-a-ride has restored Barbara’s independence and sense of freedom.


valentinaValentina was one of the first Travel Training customers. She volunteers her time at the Disability Empowerment Center and uses light rail to travel to her destinations. Valentina had a serious stroke 18 years ago and made an amazing recovery. She is now able to walk with a leg brace. She has trouble with her memory, but is very functional and living independently now. When she started training, she had not done anything by herself in 10 years. As they trained, she started crossing streets, walking to the grocery store, buying her own food and using light rail to travel where she needed to go. Learning to use public transit has given her the confidence to do so much more.


williamWilliam had a great role model who put him on his path to using transit – his mother. William’s mother was a bus operator for over 32 years. William sets aside an extra hour to ride the bus, even though he works late hours and cannot ride the bus home. Instead, he takes a short taxi ride to light rail. He’s been riding transit for over 30 years. Since August 2011, he’s used the bus, taxi and light rail nearly every day. William says he chooses to ride transit to save money and the environment.


geneThe day after light rail opened, Gene was a volunteer guide at the 44th St/Washington station greeting passengers and guiding them to and from the Sky Harbor Airport shuttle buses.  Five years later at the opening of the PHX Sky Train that links the 44th St/Washington station to the airport, Gene volunteered again and greeted and guided passengers to and from Sky Train. Gene calls it “a one-two punch to fossil-fuel transportation!”


karaKara is a current Travel Training customer. She uses a wheelchair and has vision challenges. Kara was getting hopelessly lost on all aspects of her trips – traveling the half-mile to the station, turning the correct way after deboarding and crossing streets. She worked on her trip weekly this summer with Valley Metro Travel Training. After much trial and error, she started using a notecard system with a narrative for every piece of the trip and it worked. Kara successfully rides light rail, transfers to her bus and arrives at her destination on a regular basis. Kara had never traveled independently and always relied on her parents, friends and Dial-a-Ride. Riding public transit has given her the independence and freedom she was looking for.


Mary was an established bus rider when she had an accident and broke both of her feet. She uses an electric wheelchair and was looking for an easier way to get around. She remembered seeing a Valley Metro presentation on Travel Training and decided to look into it. This past summer Mary started training at the Valley Metro Mobility Center. They started doing a few trips to get her used to riding the bus in her electric wheelchair. Mary was very hesitant about traveling in her wheelchair, mostly due to the sensitive controls. After much practice, Mary now navigates her wheelchair with ease. Mary even made a full day trip traveling on three buses and light rail from Glendale to Gilbert and back. Travel Training guidance gave Mary the confidence to do it by herself and now Mary cannot imagine how she got around without it.