Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Light Rail Station Feasibility Study

Valley Metro, in coordination with the City of Phoenix, has initiated a 12-18 month study to evaluate the feasibility of adding light rail stations along the Washington Street corridor in the vicinity of 16th and 48th Streets. Light rail stations are currently located at 12th and 24th Streets at Washington/Jefferson and 44th Street and Priest Drive and Washington.

Following the opening of the 20-mile METRO light rail line, Valley Metro developed a Station Addition Policy to outline the process and criteria to be used for requests to add new stations to the existing light rail line.

The process includes a two-phase approach to evaluate potential station location options. The first phase will look at factors such as potential ridership, costs and funding and constructability. If it is determined a station location option is feasible following the preliminary assessment, then a detailed evaluation of that option will occur. If the study results indicate it is not feasible to construct an additional station, alternative options for increased mobility to the study area will be recommended.

For additional information or to be added to the Station Feasibility Study mailing list, please contact Lisa Saldin at 602-495-8213 or