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The Glendale High Capacity/Light Rail Transit Project will travel westbound though Phoenix to the city of Glendale. Planning is underway and the project is scheduled to open in 2026.

METRO has entered into Phase I of the Glendale Corridor Alternative Analysis (AA), which entails feasibility and funding analysis. The study will test five route options to better understand whether high capacity transit better performs in a freeway or arterial street corridor, or some combination of both.  Routes being evaluated include a corridor traveling through downtown Glendale, as currently defined in the Regional Transportation Plan, and other corridors involving the I-10 and Loop 101 freeways and other West Valley arterials.

Phase I is a 1 – 2 year process and will conclude with a preferred corridor to analyze further in Phase II of the AA.  Phase II will be a more detailed alignment and mode study.

This extension is part of METRO’s regional, high capacity transit plan that will develop a total of 57 miles by 2031 see map. The Glendale extension is supported locally through Phoenix and Glendale transportation sales tax measures and regional Proposition 400 funds.  All future extensions will employ a mix of federal, regional and local funding to construct them.

Any additional extensions, or any changes to the extensions already included in the Regional Transportation Plan must go through a process outlined in state statute (ARS 28-6353). The process calls for proposals to be considered by local, county, regional and state agencies and will include representation from elected officials, business interests and citizen groups. Any changes to the Regional Transportation Plan must also be approved by the Maricopa Association of Governments.