Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Valley Metro Filming
and Photography Guidelines

Bus, light rail and alternative transportation programs for commuters, seniors and people with disabilities are an integral part of the community. While providing effective and efficient public transportation to residents and visitors is our focal point, we also welcome the opportunity to be featured in photography and film productions.

Getting Started

The following four steps are required as part of the approval process:

  1. Complete the Scope of Work to describe the project. A Valley Metro representative will respond within two business days.
  2. Provide a Certificate of Insurance according to the filming criteria, which names Valley Metro as an additional insured, with the following limits:
    • General Liability for anything related to the light rail, i.e., filming inside/outside, at stations or working anywhere around light rail is at $1,000,000 per occurrence, not aggregate.
    • General aggregate $2,000,000 – per occurrence
    • Auto $1,000,000 – per occurrence
    • Workers Comp – per state statute
  3. Pay $100 fee by cash or check made payable to Valley Metro.
  4. If request is approved, complete the location agreement.

Student Filming Guidelines

  • No fee for students. Charges could apply if support personnel are needed
  • Must be a student enrolled at an accredited college or university.

Support personnel

A project coordinator will be assigned to determine what, if any, support personnel are required based on the Scope of Work.

  • The schedule of fees, if necessary, will be determined once the scope of work is reviewed.
  • When the presence of security staff is required, arrangements must be made directly with the Valley Metro Rail security contractor.


Valley Metro will not be held liable for injury or damages that occur during filming or photography session. In consideration of access to Valley Metro property, including buses, rail and station platforms, the requestor agrees to waive all claims, release and forever discharge Valley Metro RPTA and Valley Metro Rail, its board members, agents, employees and officers from and against all liability in connection with or arising out of any injury or damage caused by negligence, intentional acts or activities associated with such filming, including any and all claims, disputes, demands, causes of action, claims for relief, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees, of any and every kind, nature or character.

Please note the following:

  • Filming and photography on bus, rail, station or platform areas must not disrupt regular operations of transit services and must be scheduled at a date and time approved by Valley Metro.
  • Subject matter filmed or photographed on Valley Metro vehicles or properties must not promote alcohol or tobacco products and obscene or illegal activities.
  • Valid fare is required when filming or photographing on bus or rail during revenue service.
    An All-Day pass is $4.

Valley Metro’s Image

Valley Metro, its employees or agents, must not be presented in a negative manner. In general, filming and photography must not portray public transportation as an unsafe or dangerous environment. Filming must not include scenes that depict the following: suicide, attempted suicide, pushing someone in front of an operating bus or train, violence, or sexually explicit activity or assault on transit property. Valley Metro regulates and controls the use of its intellectual property, including but not limited to its name, marks, logos, insignias, designs and/or symbols.

Valley Metro Contacts

Susan Tierney
Communications Manager
(602) 523-6004

Corinne Holliday
Public Information Specialist
(602) 322-4492