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Just One Pass

by Mill’s End

One pass for local bus and light rail

One of the big advantages of purchasing a Valley Metro All-day pass, is you can use the same pass to ride both local buses and the light rail. One pass gets you riding on both!  Mills End takes us on a rockin’ ride and shows us:

  • With an All-day pass, you can ride as much as you like on both local buses and trains for one price
  • Exact change is required to purchase your pass on the bus
  • Passes are available online, at transit centers, many super markets and convenience stores

Want to buy a pass? Check out the Fares and Passes page.

Check out the Behind the Scenes video and more!

Behind the Scenes of
Just One Pass


Coming and going, on the bus or Metro
The same pass will get you to, the place you want to go
Just one pass, for the bus or Metro
Get yourself a pass, and away you will go

Get yourself a pass, at the transit station
And it will cost you less to reach your, destination
Just one pass, for the bus or Metro
Get yourself a pass, and away you will go

You don’t have to change, your daily routine
Your pass is all you need, to keep you going green
Just one pass, for the bus or Metro
Get yourself a pass and away you will go.

Mill’s End

Mill’s End

High energy and loads of fun, Mill’s End is the perfect fit for Valley Metro Notes. This Americana/Roots Rock band from Phoenix, AZ was formed in late 2008 by singer/guitarist Jeff Bump and drummer Mark Bainbridge. Named for a coffee shop (now closed) where the band first started writing songs, they added bassist Geoff Butzine and guitarist/vocalist Ken Suomala to the lineup and began a steady performance schedule around the valley. Mill’s End recently released their first EP this year and are looking to head back into the studio to work on a full-length album this fall. See what’s new with Mill’s End on the Mill’s End Band Website

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