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How to Ride the Bus

by What Laura Says

Bus Riding Step-By Step

With a few simple tips, you’ll be riding the bus like a pro. What Laura Says walks you through the process. Like the song says, “It’s Easy.” Just follow the lyrics below. Want more details? Check out our How to Ride page.

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Behind the Scenes of
How to Ride the Bus


I rode the bus ‘Oh what’s the fuss?’ I sang up to the front door
I paid the driver as I gave a high-fiver and found a seat
And when I get to where I got to be I sang out the back door
I rode the bus, what’s the fuss it is so easy…
Before you get too crazy – here’s how to ride the bus, it’s easy!

Get to your stop 5 minutes before
Signal to get the driver to slow
Pay exact fare or swipe as you go
Pull the cord when you want to get off

What Laura Says

What Laura Says

In 2006, after years of playing coffee houses and house parties in the Phoenix area, James Mulhern (guitar, percussion, vocals) and Danny Goldbold (keys, guitars, vocals) joined up with the rhythm section of Mitch Freedom, Greg Muller and Jacob Woolsey to form the current incarnation of What Laura Says. Their blend of psychedelia, pop, blues, Americana, and indie rock are drawing fans from all over the country. Just like Valley Metro trains and buses, once you try them, you’ll be hooked. Learn more about What Laura Says..

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