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How to Ride the Light Rail

by Elvis Before Noon

As easy as 1-2-3

While we don’t encourage dancing on Metro light rail, you may feel like it after hearing this song from Elvis Before Noon. They make travelling by Light Rail so easy—which it is!

Show up at the station five minutes before the train arrives; buy your pass at the fare vending machine; activate your pass (the video shows you how); take a seat and you’re on your way. For more tips about riding light rail, see our How to ride page.


Check out the Behind the Scenes video and more!

Behind the Scenes of
How to Ride the Light Rail


Lyrics: Let’s Go Ride The Light Rail

Let's go ride the light rail baby
It's as easy as 1-2-3
Let's go ride the light rail baby
Have a seat next to me
Buy an all-day pass
It's cheaper than gas, on the light rail!
Let's go ride the light rail baby
Phoenix, Mesa, or Tempe
Let's go ride the light rail baby
Make sure to get there early
Just 5 minutes before
And we'll get there for sure, on the light rail!
We can buy a pass at the vending machine and activate before we board
We can ride to the airport, the movies or the local grocery store!

Let's go ride the light rail baby
It's the safest ride in town
Let's go ride the light rail
You can stand up or sit down
We'll buy an all-day pass
And we'll get there real fast, on the light rail!
We'll get off at our stops
And check out all the shops, on the light rail!

Elvis Before Noon

Elvis Before Noon

Daylon and Ringo met about 10 years ago to form what would be the basis of Elvis Before Noon. Several personnel changes later, Scotty Johnson heard Daylon playing a Gin Blossoms song in a local bar. He quickly joined the singer and drummer, but something was still missing—bass. Mr. P-body caught the group playing at a local restaurant and soon joined the band on bass, to round out the sound. Elvis Before Noon has created a modern southwest power pop sound, with smooth vocals, killer guitar riffs, and a solid back beat.

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