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Phoenix Metro Area

Be Safe

by What Laura Says

  • Be Safe Around Buses and Trains

    At Valley Metro, safety is a top priority – our buses and trains are one of the safest ways to move around the valley. Get a birds-eye view of transit safety features with the newest music video from Valley Metro Notes’ award-winning series.

    • Never chase after a bus or train
    • Never cross in front or in back
    • Use crosswalks at light rail lines
    • If possible, sit down or hold onto something when standing
    • If you see something unsafe, tell the operator or transit security officer

    For more information on Transit Safety, click here.


    Check out the Behind the Scenes video and more!

  • Behind the Scenes of
    Be Safe


    Transit Safety

    Never go chasin’ after busses or trains,
    Never cross in front or in back…
    Please use the crosswalks at the light rail lines,
    Never mess around by the tracks!

    Cause there will be another bus
    But there’s only one you

    Please try your best to find a seat right away,
    If you’re standing, find a place to hold on… (hold on)
    Obey the normal pedestrian laws,
    Be Seen! And brother you’ll be safe!

    There will be another bus
    But there’s only one you


    What Laura Says

    What Laura Says

    In 2006, after years of playing coffee houses and house parties in the Phoenix area, James Mulhern (guitar, percussion, vocals) and Danny Goldbold (keys, guitars, vocals) joined up with the rhythm section of Mitch Freedom, Greg Muller and Jacob Woolsey to form the current incarnation of What Laura Says. Their blend of psychedelia, pop, blues, Americana, and indie rock are drawing fans from all over the country. Just like Valley Metro trains and buses, once you try them, you’ll be hooked. Learn more about What Laura Says..

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