Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Fare Facts

Cash Fares

Valley Metro bus fareboxes accept all U.S. coins (except 50-cent coins) and $1, $2 and $5 bills in good condition. Please have exact fare ready as the bus operators and fareboxes do not provide change. An All-Day pass can be purchased to transfer between routes or for multiple same-day trips.

Note: It is not possible to pay for more than one rider, using the same bill.

Youth Fares

Youths (age 5 and under) ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying caretaker or guardian. Youths (age 6 through 18) qualify for reduced fares.

Reduced Fares

Persons with a disability, seniors age 65 and older, Medicare cardholders and youths ages 6 through 18, qualify for reduced fares on Local bus routes (excluding Express and RAPID) and light rail. View more information on Reduced Fares.

1-Ride Fare for Light Rail

A 1-Ride fare purchased at a light rail station fare vending machine is good for light rail only and serves as your proof of payment.

The 1-Ride fare receipt is valid for two hours and only for use in one travel direction. Customers using the receipt to travel in both directions or after it has expired can be issued a citation.

1-Ride Fare for Bus

A 1-Ride fare for the bus is available only on the bus by paying cash at the farebox. For the best value, purchase an All-Day pass for multiple same-day trips or if your trip requires changing routes.

All-Day Pass

Purchase an All-Day transit pass from participating retail locations, transit centers and fare vending machines at light rail stations before boarding bus or light rail. Once activated, the passes are good until 2:59 a.m. the next day.

7, 15 and 31-Day Passes

Your multiple-day transit pass is valid for 7, 15 or 31 consecutive days after activation. The passes become activated when they are used for the first time and are available for purchase from participating retail locations, transit centers and light rail station fare vending machines.

Semester Passes

Purchase Semester transit passes at participating colleges and universities.

ASU Student U-Pass

Purchase through ASU Parking and Transit Services.

Platinum Pass

Available through participating employers only.

Tempe Youth Pass

Free for youth (ages 6-18) who live in Tempe. Can be obtained by visiting the Tempe Transit Store with parent/guardian and proof of eligibility.

Refunds or Replacements

Valley Metro will not offer refunds or replacements for the following:
Loss of service
Lost, stolen, damaged or unused fares
Altering or defacing the pass in any way
Accidental purchase of the wrong fare media from fare vending machines or fare outlets
Accidental activation of fares at fare vending machines
Passes or 1-Ride receipts left at fare vending machines
Passes that read error but have a date printed on the front of the pass