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Proof of Payment

Light rail operates on a proof-of-payment system. You must possess validated fare to board. Fare inspectors regularly patrol the system and ask passengers at random to produce a validated transit pass. Violators are subject to fines ranging from $50 to $500 and can lose their transit privileges.

Riders should note that there are several kinds of transit passes that require different types of validation. For instance, varying from other passes, the 1-ride fare is activated automatically with purchase and allows you to ride once on light rail with your receipt as proof of payment. A 1-ride fare purchased through a bus farebox is not valid on light rail.

All-Day and Multi-Day Pass Holders

All-Day, 7-Day, 15-Day and 31-Day pass holders must activate passes before boarding. Fare inspectors will be looking for a current date-stamp. Once stamped, the pass is valid through the purchased time period, requiring no additional validation.

Here’s how to activate:
• Choose the “activate” option when you buy your pass at the vending machine.
• Place a pre-purchased pass into the “Validator” slot on the vending machine.
• Dip your pass into a bus farebox.

Passes expire at 2:59 a.m. the day after the end of the purchased time period.

Buy fares online.

How to use the fare vending machine.

Platinum Pass and ASU U-Pass Holders

Platinum Pass and ASU U-Pass holders must validate or touch passes to the orange target on fare vending machines or stand-alone targets before each and every boarding. To ensure proper validation, hold the card flat against the orange pad until there is a confirmation ding or “Enjoy your ride” appears on screen.

Fare Compliance

Proof of payment is a proven way to ensure fare compliance and has been utilized on all recent light rail lines in the last 20 years in North America (San Diego, Sacramento, St. Louis, Portland, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Denver, Salt Lake City, Houston to name a few). Through this type of randomized fare inspection, Valley Metro maintains a low fare evasion.