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Mon, Mar 7, 2011

Newest Valley Metro video has “polite” theme

PHOENIX (March 7, 2011) — As gas prices increase, more of us may be looking for quick and easy details about how to ride public transportation. Today, Valley Metro releases the fifth NOTES song in an effort to make learning how to use public transportation fun, memorable and easily accessible.

Written and recorded by Southeast Valley band Captain Squeegee, the song is titled “Be Courteous” and uses a reggae beat to remind passengers of all ages to be courteous to one another while riding the bus or light rail.

“Earth’s clock is ticking away. It’s pretty obvious that the planetary alarm has started going off, but we have continued to click the “snooze” button,” says Danny Torgersen band member of Captain Squeegee. “The Valley Metro Notes project is an attempt to enlighten the masses and their vision of transit. As a community we must join together in song and begin our transition into the futuristic utopia we were destined to be… and that starts with smarter transit.”

The NOTES campaign launched in Nov. 2010 and consists of six local bands that have written and recorded 11 original songs about how to use public transportation. Valley Metro will release the songs one at a time through Fall 2011. The songs are set to animated video and are available with other helpful information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

“The goal of this public education program is to share the ins and outs of riding public transit utilizing music and animation to paint the experience,” says Heidi Gracie, a brand, marketing and customer experience manager for Valley Metro. “How do we share the story better than music? Each song tells a story with catchy lyrics, each band is local and the music is captivating. It’s appealing to the senses with the music tied to original lyrics and animation; the results are both educational and entertaining.”

Each original creation describes a different aspect about using the Valley Metro system, such as how to buy fare, passenger courtesy, safety near train tracks and buses, or how one fare pass can be used on both bus and light rail. The 11 topics were selected based on common passenger questions at Valley Metro’s customer service line and from the top questions city transit departments receive. Participating local bands are: Black Carl, Captain Squeegee, Elvis Before Noon, Mills End, Peachcake, and What Laura Says.

“When one doesn’t know how to do something it can be intimidating,” Gracie says. “The idea came from passengers and potential passengers. Essentially they said ‘Tell us how to ride but make it fun.’”

NOTE: Animated still images, MP3 song files, and video footage of the bands will be available in broadcast and print quality as each song is released. Contact the media contacts listed above for more.

Valley Metro/RPTA provides eco-friendly public transit options to residents of greater Phoenix and Maricopa County, including a clean-fuel bus fleet, low-emissions light rail,  a bio-diesel Dial-a-Ride fleet, online carpool matching and bus trip mapping, and bicycle and telework assistance. Funding is provided by local, state and federal revenues; and administered by a board of 16 governments working to improve and regionalize the public transit system. Follow Valley Metro RPTA on Twitter and Facebook.

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