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Mon, Aug 19, 2013

Valley Metro Encourages Back-to-School Transit Safety

Valley students are returning to school and will be walking to or riding bikes around buses and light rail. Valley Metro is introducing a youth-friendly safety campaign called “Be Smart. Be Safe.” to help educate students on how to stay safe near transit and in light rail construction zones. The campaign features safety messages and colorful posters to help spread the word in classrooms.

“We are committed to providing a safe environment for our students, especially since we are in an active light rail construction area,” said Andree Charlson, Principal of Orangewood Elementary School in Phoenix. “Valley Metro helps educate our staff and students, providing transit and construction zone safety tips that are easy to implement once they leave school grounds.”

Students can stay safe near transit and in construction zones by following these simple rules:

Bus and Light Rail

• Stop, look and listen around light rail tracks and bus stops.
• When crossing streets, always look both ways and cross only at crosswalks.
• Never try to outrun a light rail train or bus – it’s dangerous and not worth the risk to save a few minutes.
• Stay on your seat and hold firmly onto grab bars until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Light Rail Construction Zone

• Never run or play around construction sites or near construction equipment.
• Stay outside orange cones and construction fences.
• Follow signs and traffic signals. Always use crosswalks.
• Make eye contact with drivers and equipment operators.
• Be aware of your surroundings.

Click here for more safety tips and information on Valley Metro’s safety school outreach programs.

About Valley Metro: Valley Metro provides eco-friendly public transit options to residents of greater Phoenix and Maricopa County including the planning and operations of a regional bus system and the development and operations of light rail. In calendar year 2012, total ridership for the system was 72.5 million passengers—an increase of 3.8 percent over 2011. The first 20 miles of light rail opened December 2008. Six light rail extensions are planned or under construction that will create a 57-mile system by 2032. Valley Metro also offers transit options including commuter vanpools, online carpool matching, bus trip mapping, bicycle safety and telework assistance. Two Boards of Directors set the policy direction for the agency with the intent of advancing the regional public transit system. Get the latest news by following us on Facebook and Twitter or visiting

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