Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area


Project Details

Region:Central Valley, West Valley
Type:Extensions/New Service


Sonya Pastor La Sota
Community Outreach Coordinator

Capitol/ I-10 West

Capitol/ I-10 West


In January 2016, the Phoenix City Council approved taking a phased approach to the Capitol/I-10 West extension, designating the portion of the project from downtown Phoenix to the Capitol area as Phase I and the remaining segment along I-10 to 79th Avenue as Phase II. This is the first official step to implement Transportation 2050 (T2050), a multi-modal transportation plan approved by Phoenix voters in August 2015.

Phase I (from downtown Phoenix to the Capitol area) is anticipated to be complete in 2023 as part of the first wave of extensions in the T2050 program, setting the stage and momentum to complete Phase II by 2030.

Next Steps

Valley Metro is working on the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project, which includes a detailed analysis of how light rail would operate along the route. Early design work, including identifying station locations is also expected to begin during this phase. Valley Metro and the city of Phoenix will continue to reach out to the community for public input throughout the project.


The Capitol/I10 West extension will extend light rail 11 miles from downtown Phoenix, through the State Capitol area, to approximately 79th Avenue and the I-10 freeway. This is the Valley’s first transit project within a freeway corridor project, providing the growing West Valley with a higher-capacity and more efficient transit option.



Event Schedule
Planning 2011-2018
Design 2018-2020
Construction 2020-2023 (Phase I)
Completion 2023 (Phase I) 2030 (Phase II)