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Rob Antoniak
Community Outreach Coordinator

Central Mesa Extension

Central Mesa Extension

In February, 2014, a significant milestone occurred with the Central Mesa light rail extension. The first section of rail was welded into place near Alma School Rd. and Main St., taking the 3.1-mile project nearly to its halfway point of completion.


Over the next several months, the light rail project will start to take shape as the guideway and station areas become more apparent. Take a trip to Main St. and observe the progress. While there, stop and Shop On Main St. using Valley Metro’s METRO Max discounts.

Next steps

Between March and May, 2014, construction crews will shift from sidewalk and curb areas to the center of the roadway where the guideway exists. Work in this area will focus on light rail and city power utilities, overhead catenary system (OCS) pole foundations and pole installation, rail installation, rail welds and station foundations.

Specialized equipment, crews and traffic control are required as the work continues through major intersections. At the end of February, traffic restrictions at major intersections began, mostly on weekends as crews began crossing through them with guideway and track work.

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Project Background

Valley Metro received local and regional approval in 2009 to move forward with a 3.1-mile light rail extension in central Mesa.  It would extend light rail on Main Street from Sycamore to Mesa Drive and include four station locations and a park-and-ride facility. In August 2010, the Central Mesa extension was approved to enter into Project Development by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Entrance into Project Development signaled the beginning of the project’s design phase as well the first step in receiving federal approval and ultimately federal funds for the project. The project is being built using a mix of regional Proposition 400 funds and federal grant dollars. City of Mesa is responsible for the operating funds.

Total cost of the project is $200 million with funds provided by a combination of regional transit and federal support.  It is anticipated that the construction of the Central Mesa Extension will generate more than 700 local jobs at the peak of construction in 2013 and 2014. Construction activities began in July 2012, with the first activities focused on utility relocations.  Valley Transit Constructors (VTC) and the utility companies are relocating several utilities, including water, gas and electric lines.  Ongoing activities include street work, track installation, system and station finishes work.

Business assistance programs are available. Valley Metro in coordination with the City of Mesa and community partners have developed a wide array of business assistance programs as resources to stay well-positioned during the construction phase. For more information, click here Central Mesa Business Assistance Brochure.

Location is Nearby

Main Street from Sycamore to Mesa Drive


Event Schedule
Environmental Assessment Summer 2009 – Summer 2011
Design 2010 – 2012
Initiate Utility Relocation Late spring 2012
Construction 2013 – 2015
Pre-operation and Start-up Late 2015