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Gilbert Road

Gilbert Road


In October, construction started on the Gilbert Road Extension. The construction contractor, Stacy and Witbeck/Sundt, constructed the Northwest Extension in Phoenix, which opened earlier this year and a portion of the original 20 miles of light rail that opened in 2008. The extension is slated to open in late 2018/early 2019 with a programmed budget of $152.7 million from federal and local funds.

Safety is a top priority for Valley Metro. Remember to stay alert and follow the posted traffic signals and signs during construction. Click for additional safety tips.


In 2011, Valley Metro initiated the Gilbert Road Extension study. It identified and evaluated various ways light rail could be placed within Main Street. In 2012, Valley Metro entered the environmental phase of the study, which included further review of design options and locations of the stations and park-and-ride. A preferred design option was adopted by the Mesa City Council, in April 2013. The project’s environmental review was completed in 2014 and the final design team kicked off their efforts in August 2015. Click to view the project environmental reports.

The extension will include a roundabout on Main St/Horne. The roundabout will help reduce traffic wait times and encourage a smoother flow of traffic in the area. The only other light rail system to have a roundabout, is in Utah.



Event Schedule
Design 2015-2016
Construction 2016-2018
Opening Late 2018/early 2019

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