Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Gilbert Road

Gilbert Road

The 1.9-mile Gilbert Road Extension will extend light rail on Main Street from Mesa Drive east to Gilbert Road. At Gilbert Road, there are significant local and regional transit connections and the ability to serve more riders from the East Valley. The Gilbert Road Extension will serve the growing transit demand in the East Valley. It will attract new riders and increase development opportunities in central Mesa.

Next Steps

A public open house will be held in November and the selection for a Construction Manager at Risk is anticipated to be announced in the fall. Construction is scheduled to take place between 2016 and 2018.


In 2009, the Mesa City Council and Maricopa Association of Governments approved the 3.1-mile light rail Central Mesa Extension and recommended an additional 1.9-mile segment as a future project. In 2011, Valley Metro initiated the Gilbert Road Extension study. It identified and evaluated various ways light rail could be placed within Main Street. In 2012, Valley Metro entered the environmental phase of the study, which included further review of design options and locations of the stations and park-and-ride. In April 2013, a preferred design option was adopted by the Mesa City Council. The preferred option consists of:

  • Two automobile travel lanes on Main Street, one in each direction that will widen to four travel lanes at Stapley Drive and Gilbert Road

  • Two stations, one at Stapley Drive and one at Gilbert Road

  • A park-and-ride at the southwest corner of Main Street and Gilbert Road

  • Two roundabouts, one at Horne and one at Harris Drive

    In November 2013, Valley Metro received the Finding of No Significant Impact (or FONSI) from the Federal Transit Administration allowing the project to enter into the design phase. The project’s environmental review was completed in 2014, the final design team kicked off their efforts in August, 2015.