Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Origin and Destination Survey

Valley Metro conducted a transit on-board survey between October 2010 and February 2011. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the travel pattern of transit users in the metropolitan Phoenix area, particularly the impact that light rail has had onregional travel patterns. The primary objectives for the survey were to:

1. Collect data on transit ridership as part of the “Before and After Assessment of Light Rail” as required by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Final Rule on Major Capital Investment Projects. Th “Before Survey” was conducted in 2007. This survey provided the “After” data.

2. Update travel pattern data for the region’s travel demand computer model to reflect current transit system ridership. The survey, which included nearly 100 bus routes and all light rail stations, was the largest and most comprehensive origin and destination survey ever conducted by Valley Metro. The goal was to obtain useable surveys from approximately 13,750 passengers.

The actual number of usable surveys was 14,665. Of the useable surveys, 4,213 were completed with light rail passengers and 10,442 were completed with bus passengers.