Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Misc Reports & Studies

Below is a collection of miscellaneous reports and studies. Simply click the title to view the document.

Misc Reports & Studies

  • Bus Stop Inventory and Design Guidelines
    Collection and review of current bus stop locations and amenities along current and future regional routes included in the Regional Transportation Plan. Develop standards and identify needs for bus stop improvements along regional routes and preparation of a coordinated implementation program plan.
  • Comprehensive Arterial BRT
  • Fountain Hills Transit Study Final Report
    The Fountain Hills Transit Feasibility Study is intended to identify short term and long term opportunities, challenges, and overall demand for providing public transportation service and multi-modal transportation investments in the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona.
  • Freeway Express Bus BRT Operating Plan
    Develop a detailed operating plan for the freeway express/BRT routes identified in the Regional Transportation Plan as well as identify vehicle and infrastructure investments needed to support said routes.
  • Non-Rider Survey Results 2015
    This report presents the results of a telephone survey of residents living in Maricopa County conducted by WestGroup Research. The purpose of the telephone survey is to assess perceptions toward public transportation in the Valley among residents ages 18 to 69 who do not currently use any form of public transportation.
  • Park-and-Ride Reprioritization
    This project will review and analyze the conclusions of the 2001 MAG Park & Ride Site Selection Study in light of the transit service improvements identified in the 2003 Regional Transportation Plan. The project will revisit the Study’s park & ride priority rankings to insure that they conform to the transit service phasing identified in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Proposition 400, which was approved by Maricopa County voters in 2004. The project will also address three additional regional park & rides identified in the RTP that are not included in the MAG Park & Ride Study.
  • Park-and-Ride Survey Report
    This 2013 Park-and-Ride survey is the first comprehensive study of the public Park-and-Ride facilities in the Valley Metro transit service area.
  • Regional ADA Paratransit Improvements

Regional Paratransit Study

Operational review of current Regional Paratransit services. Develop a detailed plan to identify demand needs and specific routes needed to support this bus system and routes included in the Regional Transportation Plan and coordinate services with demand needs.

Service Effectiveness and Efficiency Study

Study to determine overall performance of current bus service offerings through a detailed analysis of performance factors. Outcomes should include strategies to improve, eliminate or modify lowest performance-related services and development of recurring evaluation strategy and methodology that can be applied to a regular rating process.