Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Kid's Safety Spot

Keep safe around transit vehicles. It is important that youth of all ages follow these safety tips. Remember safety starts with you!

  • Stop, look and listen around light rail tracks. Look for flashing train headlights and listen for warning bells. Don’t get distracted by your headphones or cell phone.
  • When crossing streets, always look both ways and cross only at crosswalks.
  • Never play on or near the tracks. They are for light rail trains only.
  • No skateboarding, rollerblading or riding bikes on the tracks.
  • Never try to outrun a light rail train or bus; even in a tie you lose.

When at a station or bus stop, remember:

  • Wait in the safe zone, three big steps away from the curb or street.
  • Stay in the safe zone, away from the white bumpy pad edge of the platform.
  • Be careful getting on and off the bus and train.
  • No running, skateboarding or riding bikes until you are off the platform.
  • No pushing or shoving other passengers.
  • Never throw things at the bus or train or put items on the track. They can bounce back and injure you or someone else.

When riding transit, follow these rules:

  • The safest place is sitting in your seat.
  • Hold firmly onto grab bars or stay seated until the vehicle comes to a stop.
  • Be courteous.
  • Do not lie down or place your feet on the seats.
  • Use earphones when listening to music.
  • No eating or drinking on transit vehicles.

Transit Construction Safety

More tracks are being built. Construction zones are dangerous places. Be smart - be safe. Follow these rules when you’re near a construction area:

  • Never run or play around construction sites or near construction equipment.
  • Stay outside orange cones and construction fences.
  • Follow signs that tell you where to walk, skateboard or bicycle.
  • Use crosswalks and follow traffic signals.
  • Make eye contact with drivers and equipment operators. Be sure they see you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

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