Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Security on Valley Metro

Valley Metro’s priority is to provide a safe, secure and reliable transit service. To minimize safety and security risks to our passengers, the following features were incorporated into the system:

  • Cameras at stations, park-and-rides and inside the vehicles, which are largely monitored by the central operations center.
  • Security officers in uniform and plain-clothes; police patrols of vehicles, station platforms and park-and-rides.
  • Emergency call boxes and safety lighting at each station.
  • Cameras on all buses.
  • Vehicle operators have communication with dispatch.

Security of our system is currently provided by Allied Barton. Valley Metro also partners with law enforcement from the cities of Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, and the Transportation Security Administration to provide its customers with a secure and safe environment. However, when they are not on board and a situation occurs that impacts your personal comfort or security, please consider doing one of the following:

  • Call 911.
  • Use one of the emergency call buttons to communicate with the train’s operator. There are six emergency call buttons inside each rail car - two in the front, two in back and two in the middle near the bike racks. Pushing this button will put you in communication with the train operator who can assist by calling the appropriate emergency service, like security personnel, police or fire.
  • Move to safer location in the rail car or de-board to wait for the next train. The emergency call box at the station can also be used to alert our control center and authorities.