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Transit Watch

Transit Watch
If You See Something - Say something. Be everyday safe
Transit Watch is a nationwide public awareness outreach campaign that encourages the active participation of transit passengers and employees in maintaining a safe transit environment. The campaign was also designed to help foster the role of transit as a safe haven in communities across the country.

The success of Transit Watch depend on your eyes and ears. So if you see something - say something. Be everyday safe. Help improve transit safety and security by reporting all suspicious packages, activities, and/or persons by calling 9-1-1 or pushing the emergency call button inside the light rail train and at stations on the platform or when on the bus by informing your bus operator. Help Valley Metro continue to keep our system safe by:

  • Being alert to unattended packages.
  • Being wary of suspicious behavior.
  • Taking notice of people in bulky or inappropriate clothing.
  • Reporting exposed wiring or other irregularities.
  • Reporting anyone tampering with surveillance cameras or entering unauthorized areas.
  • Be prepared.