Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Buy On Bus

imageSave time and money by purchasing your pass before boarding the bus. An All-day pass may be purchased on the bus at a higher price. If you’re only going one way, a 1-Ride fare is available as well. Check our Rates & Options page for details.

Paying your fare at the farebox

To speed up boarding, have your transit pass in hand. Or, be ready with exact change and unfold bills before getting on the bus. The farebox accepts exact change in $1, $2 and $5 bills and all forms of U.S. coins (except 50 cent pieces) in good condition.

  • A 1-Ride fare for the bus is available by paying cash. Exact change is required, no receipt is issued.
  • All-day passes cost more on the bus than when purchased in advance. The All-day pass will automatically be activated when purchased at the farebox. An activated pass has the expiration date printed on the front. An All-day pass is good for unlimited rides that day and is valid on the bus and light rail. Every time you board a bus after that, you must swipe the pass through the designated slot.
  • Multi-day passes and pre-purchased All-day passes are activated when used for the first time by dipping the pass in the designated slot on the farebox. Every time you board a bus, you must swipe the pass through the designated slot.
  • Platinum Pass and ASU U-Pass holders must place their pass on the orange target on the top of the farebox, hold for two seconds, then wait for the confirmation ding or the yellow light before removing the pass.
  • If using a local pass on an express or RAPID bus, you simply pay the difference for the upgrade in cash at the farebox. Swipe your pass through the designated slot.