Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Valley Metro’s online mapping tool can help you achieve more carpool and vanpool matches.

Employee Mapping

Knowing where your employees live and how they commute can help you identify carpool or vanpool matches, local bus route options or even a light rail connection that would get your employees to work and reduce drive-alone trips.

Valley Metro’s Business Services staff can assist the transportation coordinator, or Human Resources representative, by creating a map that indicates where employees begin their commute. All we need is a current list of employee names or codes (i.e. Employee 123) and their addresses, and we’ll do the rest! The addresses will be mapped using a Google-based system and the TC and HR representative can see at-a-glance the possibilities for alternative modes of transportation available to employees.

Connecting employees with each other will reduce the drive alone rate at the company, improve employee morale and retention, reduce highway traffic and pollution and stabilize incentive spending for the company’s trip reduction program. For more information, contact your Business Services Representative today!