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2017 Ozone HPA Days (45)

High Pollution Advisory

Ozone HPA effective Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What is a High Pollution Advisory?

High Pollution Advisories (HPAs) are issued when air pollution is in danger of exceeding federal health standards. High levels of air pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter pose health risks. Children, active adults and those with respiratory illnesses should restrict outdoor activities.

Pollution Prevention Tips:

  • Reduce driving alone and instead, take transit, carpool, or telework
  • When driving, combine trips and limit idling
  • Refuel after dark
  • Use electric-powered lawn and garden equipment

Travel Reduction Program (TRP) employers:

Implement HPA measures as outlined in the TRP Annual Plan, which may include posting flyers, sharing electronic communications and conducting drawings.


  • Visit CleanAirMakeMore to subscribe to HPAs and for air quality information.
  • Visit to find a carpool partner or vanpool, and transit and bike route information.
  • Check out online trip planning tools.
  • Contact Commute Solutions for assistance with TRP implementation at 602.262.RIDE (7433).