Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Entering intersections, street addresses and landmarks

Type the & symbol, the word and or a comma between the two street names of an intersection
Example:  The intersection of N 24th St and E Camelback Rd could be typed as:
24th St & Camelback, 24th St and Camelback or 24th St, Camelback

Avoid typing city, state, zip code, apartment number, suite number.  If an intersection or address exists in more than one city, the possible cities will be displayed and you will be able to select the one you want from a menu.

It is ok to type street directions, but they are not required.  If you choose to type a street direction, use N, S, E or W.  Never spell them out.  This is because a spelled out street direction will cause NextRide or Trip Planner to look for a street name like Northview, Eastwood, Southshore or Westcott.
Example:  N 19th Ave is OK
Example:  W Thomas Rd is OK
Example:  2808 N 46th St is OK
Example:  North 19th Ave is Not OK 
Example:  West Thomas Rd is Not OK 
Example:  2808 North 46th St is Not OK

Street types, like Rd, Road, St, Street, Ave, Avenue:
It is OK to include these, but they are not required.
Example:  Scottsdale & McDowell is OK
Example:  Scottsdale Rd & McDowell Rd is also OK.

The Phoenix metropolitan area is constantly expanding, and new streets and addresses are created every day.  Sometimes these new streets and addresses are not yet recognized by NextRide or the Trip Planner.  You could try entering a substitute, such as a nearby intersection, landmark or another address within close range.

There are hundreds of landmarks in the NextRide and Trip Planner database, such as Phoenix Zoo, Arizona State Capitol, Central Station, Gilbert Park-and-Ride and Phoenix Public Library Juniper Branch.

To search for popular locations, click on the Popular Locations drop-down menu and pick a category from the list.  Or start typing a landmark name and as you type, a list of possible matches will appear.