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Welcome to Valley Metro’s Dial-a-Ride Service

Valley Metro is committed to providing safe, convenient transportation options for all Valley residents. ADA Dial-a-Ride complements the existing transit system by providing transportation to people who are unable to utilize local bus service due to a disability.

Dial-a-Ride offers different types of services depending on the city or town in which you live. To find out what type of service exists in your city, click on Service Locations or call 602-253-5000.

Dial-a-Ride Services

Dial-a-Ride provides service to three groups: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certified individuals, people who have a disability but are not ADA certified and seniors over the age of 65. 

ADA-certified: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires public transportation agencie s to provide paratransit service that complements regular fixed-route bus service for individuals who are ADA-certified. ADA Dial-a-Ride service provides shared-ride public transportation that complies with ADA requirements.

Non-ADA certified: Some cities in Maricopa County have elected to provide Dial-a-Ride services that exceed ADA requirements. Non- ADA Dial-a-Ride service provides shared-ride public transportation to seniors over the age of 65 and persons with disabilities. The RideChoice program is another popular option for travel featuring a reloadable fare card that can be used on taxi services.

General public: A few cities in Maricopa County offer their Dial-a-Ride services to the general public under specific conditions.

ADA Certification

There are many benefits to becoming certified under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you would like to become certified, you can request an application from the Valley Metro ADA Certification Office at (602) 716-2100, option 1, TTY (602) 251-2039. All ADA applications are processed at the Valley Metro Mobility Center. For more information click here.

Why not see if the bus is going your way!

Valley Metro fixed-route bus service is a great option for some Dial-a-Ride users. For information on routes and schedules as well as trip-planning assistance, call Valley Metro at (602) 253-5000, TTY at (602) 251-2039, or PLAN YOUR BUS TRIP NOW!

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