Nyla Lee | Valley Metro

Nyla LeeImagine a rainbow without every color. It wouldn’t feel whole or complete. Every color matters to paint the whole rainbow. Each color is unique on its own and created differently, but when united together, stands for strength, courage, and unity. We as a community are like a rainbow. Without just one of us, we are not whole. Each person is unique and different on their own, but together as a community we paint a beautiful picture of Phoenix: a beautiful rainbow of a diverse culture that comes together to create unity. We are all beautiful, we are all unique, and we all matter.

Nyla Lee is an emerging visual artist based in Phoenix. Her style is notorious for vibrant colorful portraits that exude an inner light and aura. She uses a multitude of colors to paint a story pushing the limits of the rainbow. Nyla specializes in large scale public art and does most of her art in downtown Phoenix.

Nyla Lee Artsline Artist @nyla.lee You are Beautiful