Sustainability | Valley Metro
solar panels with Phoenix skyline in background

Every time you chose to ride Valley Metro, you are making a choice to live a more sustainable life and improve the world around you. Valley Metro provides some of the most environmentally friendly transportation options in Maricopa County, and we strive for continual improvement through our Sustainability Program.

Benefits of Transit

The existence of public transportation naturally supports the three pillars of sustainability: society, economy, and environment. A well utilized public transit system is vital to a sustainable city because it creates fewer emissions than single occupancy vehicles, supports the development of more walk-able and bike-able spaces, spurs economic development and increases social equity by giving all citizens equal access to a city. In FY21, Valley Metro Rail, Bus, and Vanpool prevented 136,000 tons of greenhouse gases and 248 tons of criteria air pollution from entering the earth’s atmosphere. This is equivalent to taking over 26,000 cars off the road.


Sustainability Commitment logo. Valley Metro became a signatory of the American Public Transportation Association Sustainability Commitment in 2011. Since then, on the agency has achieved Bronze recognition in 2014 and Silver recognition in 2018. The American Public Transportation Association awards members who not only commit to more sustainable operations, but who demonstrate the advancement of short and long-term sustainability goals. As of 2020, Valley Metro is one of eleven transit agencies in the United States to have Silver recognition level.

Valley Metro also received a Phoenix Green Business Leader certification in 2019. The agency achieved a Gold rating for its sustainable business practices, green facilities and employee engagement.