Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program applies federal guidelines to federally-funded procurements to facilitate competition by small business concerns by taking reasonable steps to eliminate obstacles to their participation.

Valley Metro is committed to socially and economically disadvantaged, minority, women and small businesses participating in contracting opportunities. Through initiatives of both broad and targeted outreach, Valley Metro seeks to meet US Department of Transportation requirements for DBE participation.

DBE Participation

Valley Metro takes DBE participation into consideration throughout its contracting, planning, design, and construction processes. To perform work as a DBE you must first obtain DBE certification through the Arizona Unified Certification Program (UCP).

The AZUCP is a consortium of government agencies (Arizona Department of Transportation, the City of Phoenix, and the City of Tucson) organized to provide reciprocal DBE certification within Arizona pursuant to 49 CFR Part 26. The UCP maintains the official DBE Directory of certified firms.  The DBE Directory may be accessed at https://adot.dbesystem.com. The website also provides access to information and/or links regarding certification with any of the participating UCP agencies.

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) “Buy Local” Program

Valley Metro has a Buy Local preference in contracting for goods and services in value less than $50,000. For procurement actions less than $50,000, Valley Metro limits its use of qualified vendors to those Small Business Enterprises (SBE) located within Maricopa County, Arizona. If an insufficient number of Maricopa County based vendors are identified (less than 3), Valley Metro expands its Buy Local preference to firms located within the State of Arizona. This Buy Local Preference does NOT apply to any program or project which may use federal funding and further is strictly prohibited from being utilized in any federally-funded program or project.

Valley Metro uses the State of Arizona vendor database for all small procurements estimated at less than $50,000 in value. If your firm desires to participate in small business enterprise programs with Valley Metro, please register as a vendor with the State of Arizona.

Contact Us

Contracting opportunities are open to competitive bidding from all businesses. Eligible small businesses are encouraged to obtain DBE certification through the UCP.

    • For more information on the SBE program, contact:
      Gary Flunoy
      Small Business Outreach Administrator
      (602) 322-4457