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Effective October 2017, Valley Metro and City of Phoenix are no longer increasing the current network of retail partners.

You can make Valley Metro pay off for you…literally.  Become an approved Retail Transit Outlet and you can sell various types of transit fare media that will provide a great service to your customers while earning your company a commission based on sales.

Benefits for your Company or Business

Valley Metro is all about connecting, and we can help you connect with new and existing customers alike in brand new ways.  By selling our passes, you not only get a new income stream, you provide your customers with convenience they literally can’t buy other places.

Outlets receive a 4% commission on gross sales. Other benefits include:

  • We deduct a 4% commission from your invoice so you earn a profit from each sale.
  • We take the work out of your hands.  Our new passes don’t expire, meaning no returns, credits, paperwork or waiting for credit.
  • We don’t just drive our customers, we drive your business by providing a listing on the Valley Metro website.
  • Keeping it simple…New Valley Metro fare media have only one “reduced fare” type covering seniors, persons with disabilities and youth.

Progress in Motion—Get on Board!

Valley Metro never stops working for you. We are all about finding the best solutions to the Valley’s travel issues. With the launch of Valley Metro Rail - the biggest public transit project in Valley history - it’s now the perfect time to get on board as a Retail Transit Outlet and increase traffic to your business!

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To set up an account contact the

City of Phoenix Public Transit Department