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Riding ADA Paratransit

How Do I Book My Trips?

Call the service you want to use during the hours that the reservations office is open. Each service takes calls from one to 14 days in advance. The reservation hours and phone number for each service are shown below.

To reserve a ride, call the local ADA Paratransit service provider that serves the community in which you live or the regional ADA Paratransit service provider if you are traveling across local ADA Paratransit service area boundaries. When you call, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • What is the address and phone number where you want to be picked up?
  • What is the address and phone number of your destination?
  • What date and time do you wish to be picked up or what is the date and time of your appointment at your destination?
  • Will a PCA and/or other companion(s) be accompanying you?
  • Will you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle?
  • Will you be traveling with a service animal?
Service Reservation Hours  Phone Numbers
East Valley Local ADA Paratransit Monday-Sunday
6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(602) 716-2200
TTY (602) 716-2118
Southwest Valley Local ADA Paratransit Monday-Sunday
6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(602) 716-2200
TTY (602) 716-2118
Phoenix Local ADA Dial-a-Ride Monday-Sunday
6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(602) 253-4000
800-775-7295 Toll-free
TTY (602) 258-9980
Glendale Local ADA Dial-a-Ride Monday-Sunday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(623) 930-3515
TTY available via relay service
Peoria Local ADA Dial-a-Ride Monday-Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(623) 773-7435
TTY available via relay service
Northwest Valley Local ADA Paratransit Monday-Sunday
6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(602) 716-2200
TTY (602) 716-2118
Regional ADA Paratransit Monday-Sunday
6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(602) 716-2200
TTY (602) 716-2118

How Long Will My Ride Take?

Both local and regional ADA Paratransit are shared-ride services. Other riders may be picked up and/or dropped off along the way during your trip. Ride times are therefore longer than it would take to drive there directly. Be sure to leave enough time before your appointment when scheduling trips. If you are not sure how much time to allow, just tell the reservationist your appointment time. Reservationists will suggest pickup times early enough to get you to your appointment on time. An ADA Paratransit trip should be similar in length to the time it would take to make the same trip on fixed-route transit.

On-Time Arrivals

Drop-offs are considered “on-time” if made from up to 30 minutes before the desired drop-off/ appointment time.

Negotiation of Requested Trip Times

Because ADA Paratransit is a shared-ride service and trips are grouped whenever possible for efficiency, customer service agents may request that you adjust your requested trip time up to one hour. Requests to adjust your time consider your trip needs. For example, if you request a 5 p.m. pickup to return home from work, agents may ask you to take a time between 5 and 6 p.m., but will not ask you to take a time before 5 p.m., which would require you to leave work early. Your cooperation in helping us group trips to serve more riders is appreciated.

Subscription Service

If you plan to make the same trip at the same time on the same day or days of the week for at least one month, you may request to use ADA Paratransit subscription service. This service allows you to make regular trips without having to call to schedule each ride. You only need to call to cancel your ride. Note not all requests for subscription service are accommodated.

The schedulers at the Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride services review requests for subscription service. Requests are accommodated if they can efficiently be scheduled with other trips on those days and at those times. If request cannot be accommodated immediately, they may be added to a subscription trip waiting list. A change in subscription trip times, origin or destination may have to be reviewed again by the Dial-a-Ride schedulers.

When Do I Need to be Ready for My Ride?

When you book your trip, the customer service agent will give you a 30-minute “be ready window,” also known as the on-time pick-up window. For example, the agent may say “Be ready for your ride between 9 and 9:30 a.m.” Because drivers are picking up and dropping off other riders along the way, an exact time cannot be given and the vehicle may arrive any time within this 30-minute window. It is important that you are ready at the start of the 30-minute window and that you wait in an area where you can determine when the vehicle arrives. If the vehicle does not arrive within the 30-minute window, call the service provider to get an update on the schedule.

If it is not possible for you to wait in a location where you can determine when the vehicle arrives, or if you have a visual impairment and cannot see when the vehicle arrives, let the customer service agent know when you book the trip. The agent will make a note to have the driver or a dispatcher alert you to the vehicle’s arrival.

How Long Will the Driver Wait?

Except for local ADA Paratransit in Glendale, drivers wait for you for five full minutes within the on-time pickup window. If you are not ready, drivers may have to leave and you may miss your ride. For local ADA Paratransit service in Glendale, drivers wait two minutes.

What Assistance Will the Driver Provide?

For regional Paratransit and within Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and the East, Northwest and Southwest Valleys, ADA Paratransit service is “door-to-door.” This means that the driver assists you from the outermost door of the building where you begin your trip and to the outermost door of the building where you end your trip. In Glendale and Peoria, service is curb-to-curb. Drivers provide assistance beyond the curb upon request and as long as they can maintain effective continuing control of the vehicle. This includes not losing sight of the vehicle or being gone from the vehicle for an extended period of time.

If you cannot be left unattended, request hand-to-hand (HTH) service. Drivers make sure there is a responsible party at the destination to accept you before leaving. The need for HTH service is included in your file and recorded in trip records transmitted to drivers. If a responsible party is not at a destination to accept you, drivers will contact dispatch for instructions. Repeat instances of not having someone at the destination to accept you may be considered seriously disruptive to the service and may result in suspension of service.

Assistance with Packages

You may bring packages that take up no more than two cubic feet of space (e.g., three brown paper grocery bags or six plastic grocery bags). Total weight of all packages may not exceed 50 pounds. One piece of luggage and one carry-on bag will be accommodated. Drivers assist with packages on and off the vehicle and to and from the door upon request. Drivers cannot enter your home. Drivers assist carrying an unoccupied child car seat, but cannot carry a child in a car seat.

The following articles cannot be carried on-board vehicles: automotive and marine batteries, gasoline, caustic fluids, flammable liquids, explosives, non-folding shopping carts, non-folding baby carriages, large bundles that will obstruct the aisle or any item that may inconvenience or injure another passenger.

Unaccompanied Children

Eligible children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

How Do I Cancel a Trip If My Plans Change?

Please notify your Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride service provider as soon as you know that you will be unable to make a scheduled trip and at least two hours before the trip. Cancellations can be made throughout the day.

When calling to cancel, please provide the following information: name, address, date and time of pick-up. A cancellation made with less than two hours advance notice will be considered a no-show.

What Is a No-Show?

A no-show occurs when the vehicle arrives within the on-time window, waits at least five minutes for you and you fail to take the trip, or you fail to cancel the trip at least two hours prior to the start of the on-time window (also called a late cancellation).

What If I Am a No-Show?

No-shows that could have been avoided by a timely cancellation reduce the efficiency of the service and cause delays for other riders. You are responsible for calling at least two hours in advance to cancel trips.

No-shows and late cancellations that are beyond your control are excused. If circumstances beyond your control cause a no-show or late cancellation, call the Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride office as soon as possible after the no-show to explain the circumstances. This helps ensure that these situations are recorded as excused.

If you have three or more unexcused no-shows or late cancels in a 30-day period, a review of your travel record for that period of time is conducted. This involves calculating the percentage of trips you scheduled that ended as unexcused no-shows or late cancels. A warning (reminder of the no-show suspension policy) is sent to you when you accumulate three or more no-shows or late cancels in a 30-day period and also no-showed/late cancelled more than 10 percent of your scheduled trips during that period. The letter details each recorded no-show. You may call and explain any of the recorded no-shows which were beyond your control.

Service Animals and Pets

If you have a disability, you may board the vehicle with a trained service animal that performs a specific function or functions. You must keep the animal under control and it must not pose a threat to other passengers. Only domesticated pets are allowed on vehicles and they must be carried in closed containers. For safety reasons, drivers are not permitted to carry pet containers. If you travel with a service animal or pet, you are responsible for any damage or injury caused by the animal. Go to to review Valley Metro’s complete Service Animal Policy.


Ramps, sidewalks and driveways to your residence should remain free of obstructions that may present a safety hazard to you or the driver.


Drivers are only permitted to stop at locations designated in the reservation.

Travel arrangements with more than one destination are treated as separate trips and must be scheduled as such. Plan to schedule the appropriate number of reservations.

Boarding Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices

Drivers make every attempt to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices up to the maximum capacity of the vehicle lifts, ramps and securement areas. If you use an oversized mobility device, reasonable efforts are made to accommodate you, however, transportation cannot always be guaranteed.

Larger wheelchairs and other mobility devices cannot be transported if they exceed the design capacity of lifts or ramps. Wheelchairs and other mobility devices must also fit in the securement area on vehicles. You are encouraged to inform the call center should you need accommodations for a wheelchair or other mobility device.