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Platinum pass being swiped at card reader

What is an ADA Platinum Pass?

One of the benefits to customers that participate in the new certification process is the opportunity to get a free ADA Platinum Pass for use on all local bus, express bus and light rail vehicles. This is offered to ADA eligible customers only and there is no cost to the recipient. 

If you are ADA eligible and are interested in the ADA Platinum Pass call (602) 716-2100 and request the pass. 

If you have lost your pass and need a replacement, call for a replacement. There is a five-dollar charge for the replacement. 

Sample platinum pass - see below for text on pass

ADA Platinum Pass

Bus: Tap pass to reader. Show operator upon request. Do not deposit into farebox.

Light Rail: Validate pass at station reader before boarding. It is your proof of payment.

Pass is nontransferable. May be confiscated for misuse. Pass contains electronics. Do not bend, puncture or mutilate. If lost or stolen, contact Valley Metro immediately at (602) 716-2100, option 1. Passengers without proof of fare payment or with an expired pass may be issued a citation.

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