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Valley Metro is committed to providing safe, convenient transportation options for all Valley residents. ADA Dial-a-Ride complements the existing transit system by providing transportation to people who are unable to utilize local bus service due to a disability.

Dial-a-Ride offers different types of services depending on the city or town in which you live. To find out what type of service exists in your city, view our ADA Paratransit Service Areas page or call (602) 716-2100.

Dial-a-Ride Services

Dial-a-Ride services are operated throughout the region and offer either curb-to-curb or door-to-door shared-ride public transportation service to three distinct groups of customers:

People with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires transit agencies to provide alternative transportation called “paratransit” that mirrors available public transit for people with disabilities who are unable, because of a disability or disabilities, to independently use public transit for at least some trips. To learn more about the process for becoming eligible for ADA Dial-a-Ride service, visit our ADA Paratransit Eligibility page.

In addition to ADA mandated service, several communities offer additional Dial-a-Ride service for people with disabilities, including service on a same-day basis and service in areas where no public transit exists. The rules for these services vary by community, but most require any person with a disability who is not 65 years of age or greater to obtain ADA certification before using local non-ADA Dial-a-Ride.

Seniors Age 65 or More

Some cities in Maricopa County have elected to provide Dial-a-Ride services for seniors age 65 and above. Rules for these services vary by community, but most require the completion of an application and proof of age and residency.

General public

Some communities within Maricopa County provide Dial-a-Ride services to members of the general public. These services generally require proof of residency and are fairly limited in scope. Check with your city’s local government for more information about other transportation programs within your community.

Dial-a-Ride Policies

Personal Care Attendants

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is an individual who must accompany a passenger in order for the passenger to fulfill the purpose of his or her trip. For an individual to qualify as an attendant, the certified passenger must have established the need for a PCA during the ADA eligibility process. PCAs are always allowed to ride with an eligible passenger and are not required to pay a fare. They must, however, travel from the same point of origin and to the same destination as the ADA-certified passenger.


A companion is someone riding with a certified passenger, but not as a PCA. One companion is always allowed to ride with the certified passenger as long as a reservation has been made for the companion and the companion travels from the same point of origin and to the same destination. The companion pays the same fare as the certified passenger. More than one companion is allowed if space is available.

Trip Cancellations

Please notify Dial-a-Ride as soon as you know that you will be unable to make a scheduled trip.

Cancellations can be made throughout the day. When calling to cancel, please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date and time of pickup (specify a.m. trip, p.m. trip, or both)

No Shows

A “no-show” is defined as when the passenger is not present at the prearranged pickup time and location and the passenger has given no notice to the Dial-a-Ride reservations center that they need to cancel their trip.

If the driver arrives for a pickup and is unable to contact you, the driver may notify the dispatcher. The driver will wait no longer than a few minutes (under normal conditions) past the pick-up time. As a result, any scheduled return trip for that day will also be canceled.

What Happens When I’m a No-Show?

No-shows make it difficult to provide services efficiently and cause delays and inconvenience for other riders. All passengers are responsible for calling to cancel trips that are not needed.

A passenger who records more than three no-shows in any 60-day period may be notified by mail of system policies and expectations of passengers. A second series of no-shows may result in a 30-day suspension from Dial-a-Ride services.

Subscription riders may lose their subscription privileges after recording more than three no-shows within a 60-day period.

Important Dial-a-Ride Travel Tips

  • Remember, exact fare is required. Drivers do not carry change.
  • Be ready to go at the scheduled pick-up time. The driver can only wait a few minutes without inconveniencing other passengers.
  • Allow plenty of time to get to and from your destination. Dial-a-Ride vehicles will probably stop to pick up and drop off other passengers on the way to your destination.
  • When possible, avoid traveling during peak weekday hours: 7-10 a.m. and 2-6 p.m. Also bear in mind that the first five working days of the month are the busiest travel days.
  • If you can’t make your trip, please call to cancel at least two hours before the scheduled pickup time. This will help the driver avoid making unnecessary stops.
  • Drivers are not allowed to enter a passenger’s residence for any reason.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking (except when drinks are in authorized containers) are not allowed in Dial-a-Ride vehicles.
  • Seat belts are required for all passengers riding in Dial-a-Ride vehicles. Please notify the driver if you require assistance with the seat belt.
  • Information on Dial-a-Ride schedules, fares and services is subject to change.

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