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Traveling with a Service Animal

At Valley Metro we understand that help comes in many forms. That’s why all service animals (i.e. guide dogs, signal dogs or other trained animals) are allowed to come aboard local bus, Dial-a-Ride and light rail vehicles to assist their owners with disabilities.

Tasks performed by service animals may include:

  • Guiding individuals with impaired vision or hearing
  • Pulling wheelchairs, fetching dropped items
  • Assisting an individual during a seizure
  • Providing protection, balance, stability and navigation

And who doesn’t love a happy dog? While friendly service animals may make everyone smile they still have to follow some basic rules.

  • Must be under verbal and/or physical control of its handler at all times.
  • Must sit or lie at the owner’s feet or held in owner’s lap.
  • Seats are for humans only. Sorry, Fido.

Apart from not following the rules listed above a few other things might get your service animal barred from Valley Metro facilities, buses and/or light rail vehicles.

  • The animal’s hygiene or behavior poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other passengers and employees.
  • The service animal causes damage to Valley Metro buses, light rail vehicles or facilities.
  • The animal barks, growls, lunges at other passengers or service animals, jumps on seats, or acts in other ways that may be threatening.

In keeping with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employees of Valley Metro, its contractors and subcontractors may ask the following questions to verify that an animal traveling with a Valley Metro passenger is a service animal:

  • “Is your animal a service animal?”
  • “What task is your service animal trained to perform?” 

Have a furry friend, but it's not a service animal? Unfortunately therapy dogs and household pets are not allowed on buses unless they can be stowed within an enclosed pet carrier that fits on the lap or beneath the seat.

For more information,  contact Valley Metro Customer Service at (602) 253-5000 or read Valley Metro’s complete Service Animal Policy.

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