Group attends travel training at the Mobility Center

What is Travel Training?

Valley Metro does its best to make getting around on local bus routes and light rail a smooth process. But we take it a step further by providing free training for passengers with disabilities who need help navigating routes.

How Does It Work?

Qualified trainers work one-on-one with passengers and go over everything from planning trips to recognizing stops to understanding our fares. 

How Can Travel Training Help?

  • One-on-one training is free and does not affect your ADA certification.
  • Training is simple for riders of all ages.
  • Training helps you navigate local bus and light rail routes and saves you time and money.


How have our passengers liked using this service so far?

  • “I’m so grateful for having this training. I probably wouldn’t have used the bus. Thank you so much."
    --Diana, new transit rider
  • The best part of using public transportation and the training is proof of my independence.”
    --Jon, new transit rider

Contact Information

  • Valley Metro Travel Training
    (602) 716-2108

  • Valley Metro Mobility Center
    4600 E. Washington St.
    Suite 102
    Phoenix, AZ 85034