Tempe’s streetcar system is rolling to completion. Tracks are down and future links with Valley Metro light rail are well underway. The Tempe Streetcar is the first modern streetcar line in the Valley. 

A safety campaign for future streetcar riders has begun. It’s called Be Streetcar Smart. A Valley Metro and city of Tempe safety plan (www.valleymetro.org/project/streetcar-safety) provides helpful tips when negotiating around streetcars.  

The Tempe Streetcar will share the road with other cars and trucks. Operators drive streetcars like any other vehicle and obey the same traffic rules and rights of way.  


Tempe's streetcar brings the first modern streetcar system to the Valley
Grid map of Tempe streetcar path

Here are some tips when streetcars hit the road. Leave a space between your car and the streetcar. When you share a lane with a streetcar, be alert, and be prepared to stop. When parking along a streetcar route, check for approaching streetcars before opening your door. It’s important to note that streetcars are a lot quieter than other vehicles on the road. It’s a good idea when driving along the Tempe streetcar route to be aware and check your surroundings.  

 Finally, pay attention to signs and signals. Transit-only signs will indicate areas of the rail system where only streetcars can go.  When it becomes operational in 2021, the Tempe Streetcar line will serve one of the highest transit ridership corridors in the region. It will connect riders with Tempe neighborhoods, major business centers, Arizona State University, and other regional events and destinations. 


Valley Metro offering ways to safely share the road with Tempe's streetcar
Mark Carlson
Operations Communications Specialist
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